The purest, cleanest, highest nutritional value Moringa in the world

PSX_20181104_173358Our aim is to deliver our products to the market in a safe, attractive, innovative, and ecologically friendly way. To maintain our top-quality standards, we focus on research & development and work with accredited laboratories in Europe and the USA.

At Live Love Well we believe in the power of nature, which means our clients only get the best certified organic ingredients. All of our products are certified organic: Our Moringa is grown using the best organic farming methods, without the use of pesticides and herbicides. Plants grown without the use of chemicals are healthier, more potent, and their nutrients (and no toxic chemicals) are absorbed more efficiently by the body.

Our Moringa leaves are gently and carefully harvested and cleaned by hand, as not to damage the leaves and diminish the nutritional values. Similar care is used in the drying process which is done at low temperature to ensure the preservation of the natural vitamins, phyto-compounds and enzymes (raw food quality). Our leaves are of fine grade, clear of stems, dried at low temperatures.

Packaging must meet food requirements & safe arrival at customer location:  Live Love Well uses a 3-layer Aluminum foil food grade bag, which is sunlight and puncture resistance and has a high barrier to moisture, oxygen and foreign odors. Each food grade bag is then placed in a carton to prevent damage during shipping. Lastly, we properly palletize and shrink wrap the product to keep the pallet intact during shipping. At Live Love Well, good hygiene throughout the entire production and packaging process is an important cornerstone of our philosophy.

Live Love Well is certified ISO 22000, organically certified by Ecocert SA, Halal and Kosher. This way we can guarantee the highest quality – the purest, cleanest, highest nutritional value Moringa in the world.