We love life


We love the life we live, and we live the life we love. We believe that Superfoods can support you in living a healthier and overall more energized lifestyle. We are passionate about health and wellbeing for everybody living on this planet and therefore we want to develop easy and convenient health solutions, utilizing the purest natural and organic superfoods, to make the change to a healthier lifestyle fun and easy.


Superfoods have a positive impact on everybody’s mind, spirit and body.



The Live Love Well way of life – ‘eat well, Love Life’


We wish everybody a super life with superfoods! Upon taking superfoods, you can expect an overall increase in sense of wellbeing, have more energy, a stronger immune system and boost your overall metabolism. It is accessible for everybody, in a fun and easy way: just add our superfoods to your smoothies, to your oats, in your juice or any other food. The possibilities are many.


When you feel GOOD, for sure you are more inspired to follow your dreams and take up the challenge of that day. It is really simple to lead your own life and take charge of your personal wellbeing and health.


Building meaningful relations


Our purpose in life are meaningful relations, which starts with yourself: to be good to yourself and others. Within Live Love Well we would like to invite you to become part of our community which changes the world by creating positive impact to small hold farmers in Kenya and healthier lifestyles for consumers globally. Creating jobs where it is most needed is the best way to fight poverty and ensure a stable income for the growing population, empowering the community as a whole.


Live Love Well is a diverse, open minded team, passionate and committed to a mindful ‘work – life’ style, sharing the holistic power of Health. We are consciously driven to supply Superfoods which contributes directly to a healthier Green living, resulting in meaningful work with community based goals creating symbiotic relations whereby all benefit.


Driven by Sustainability


We are passionate about life and our mission – “to eradicate poverty and heal the world”. This is achieved by building profitable businesses with efficient supply chains which are exporting organic value added agricultural products from Africa to the global consumers.


We believe these are crucial elements in creating a sustainable future: to work with sustainable, holistic out grower schemes, empowering the farmers community, conserving environment while promoting organic agriculture. While we pursue our mission, we inspire to spread happiness for everybody around us every day.