Superfoods and Nutraceuticals

Live Love Well is the Moringa Tree Specialist: Live Love Well is a nutraceutical company focused on Agriculture in combination with Health & Wellness, developing nutraceutical products using Moringa, which is considered by many to be ‘The Superfood of All Superfoods’ offering serious nutrition that radically benefits overall health.

Live Love Well was established in Kenya in 2017 by Talitha Hogebrug and Poul David Videbaek with a mission to ignite and accelerate sustainable business in Africa. The team behind Live Love Well has more than 25 years’ experience with building businesses in Africa within food manufacturing, fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) and generic medicines.

Live Love Well is based in Ukunda, South Coast in Kenya and was founded with a vision to promote healthy lifestyle by distributing top quality Superfood products worldwide. We utilize sustainable agricultural practices and processing facility with good manufacturing practices to produce the highest quality superfoods products in the market.

Our mission to eradicate poverty by creating jobs, heal the planet by providing healthy super food products while spreading happiness. We want to see the communities surrounding our farms grow Moringa, for personal consumption and becoming our outgrowers. Live Love Well aims to become the leading grower, producer and brand owner of Organic Superfoods products from Africa.

Today Live Love Well grows Moringa on 100 acres on proprietary farms and works with 200 out grower farms, all 100% organically certified by Ecocert. Our processing facilities are in Kwale County, South Coast of Kenya.

Live Love Well has an additional 300 acres of organically certified land available for growth, bringing the total expected planted area to 400 acres in 2019.

In line with our vision Live Love Well will employ 2,000 people and engage with additional 2,000 farmers as outgrowers. The expected impact will therefore be directly improving the lives of 20,000 people (families included).

Live Love Well’s differential advantage derives from controlling the entire supply chain from the field to the consumer. This includes the field, post-harvest-processing, utilizing own laboratory, final consumer product development, trademarks and proprietary strong brand identity. These factors support market leadership.

Superfoods such as Moringa Oleifera offers a sustainable solution for millions of farmers in resource poor settings providing primary or secondary income. Planting superfoods in rural areas can improve soil fertility and reverse deforestation.

Live Love Well’s business idea sprouts from Hippocrates ‘Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food’. This is a firm believe embedded in our philosophy, the corner stone to our existence and passion of ‘Live Love Well’ and is still highly applicable in our daily lives:

We regard the daily food and drink we consume as the main influence in our state of health and our vulnerability to disease. More and more evidence is building up showing that consuming good food and drink is the bedrock of sound health.