Our Unique Quality Control

Superior production: How it is processed is critical for the health benefits our premium Moringa products offers.

We always stay on top of our business and our products are in high demand owing to our high quality and food safety paradigms.

We believe in the power of nature, which means our clients only get the best certified organic ingredients: all our products are organically certified, EU Organic, USDA Organic with Control Union.

We are super picky: our Moringa leaves are gently and carefully handpicked, cleaned by hand and prepared for immediate processing within 1 hour, as not to damage the leaves and diminish the nutritional values.

Similar care is used in the drying process which is done at low temperature to ensure the preservation of raw food quality elements such as the natural vitamins, minerals and Phyto-compounds.

In order to create a consistent quality product we continuously improve our processes and check our products throughout the supply chain from farm to processing to finished premium products.

We process in a state-of-the-art FSSC certified processing facility the same day, producing the best premium, nutrient dense Moringa to our customers.

Our Moringa is processed with a sophisticated industrialized drying method, in which the drying material is circulated evenly from all sides by warm air through a special air conduct, which prevents the Moringa from being oxidized.

We also offer unique quality assurance and quality control with daily microbiology testing. All our products are quality checked according to USA and EU regulations with accredited Laboratory results from Eurofins. Germany, Midwest Laboratories USA and Galab Laboratories Germany.

We are consciously driven to supply the cleanest, highest quality organic superfood products globally in a sustainable way, contributing to people’s lives, promoting healthy lifestyle by distributing top quality organic ingredients worldwide.

For more information about our products, including 3rd party accredited ISO 17025 laboratory testings, certifications and other details about our rigorous quality control process, please contact us on info@livelovewell.org.