Our Story

‘Our daily mission is to LIVE life to the best of our abilities,

to LOVE and be WELL balanced”.

Founders, Poul David Videbaek & Talitha Hogebrug

Live Love Well was established in Kenya in 2017 by Talitha Hogebrug and Poul David Videbaek with a mission to ignite and accelerate sustainable business in Africa. Live Love Well’s mission is to eradicate poverty by creating jobs, heal the planet by providing healthy nutraceutical products while spreading happiness.

“We are both passionate about the vision to eradicate poverty and heal the planet and we have more than 25-year collective experience in Africa and 45 years of business development and entrepreneurship”. Talitha and Poul David met in Kenya, fell in love with the country, with superfoods and each other.

Making the cleanest and highest nutritional value Moringa on this planet

Live Love Well was established with the vision to become the leading nutraceutical company in Africa. Poul David Videbaek from Denmark, Talitha Hogebrug from Netherlands, and Stephen Mwanza now form the top management team. The top management team has collectively more than 65 years’ experience with building businesses in Africa within food manufacturing, fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) and generic medicines.

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Building sustainable business

“We want to see the communities surrounding our farms to grow Moringa, for personal consumption and as well paid out-growers in order to prosper” – says Talitha Hogebrug the Chief Commercial Officer in Live Love Well. “Live Love Well aims to become the leading grower, producer and brand owner of Organic Superfoods products from Africa utilizing small hold producers while creating sustainable livelihoods for 20.000 people in the South Coast”.


Talitha first came to Kenya in 2002 as the commercial manager for a Dutch medicine company. “I have always wanted to push towards a healthier life for less fortunate people by providing medicine at affordable prices, now we can create an organic preventive product which people can grow themselves in their own garden”.

Poul David Videbaek came to Kenya in 2006 working with electronic traceability in coffee and have been engaged in value addition in food based value chains since 2000. “It has been my passion and vision to create sustainable income opportunities and meaningful jobs since I came to Kenya”. “With Live Love Well we have the opportunity to 5 double the income of our out-growers, with a monthly cashflow, and hence creating real sustainable income for thousands of people in Kenya”. “Moringa has the potential to become a new economic engine, like coffee and tea, which fueled Kenya through the 80ies”.

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“In line with our vision, Live Love Well will employ 2,000 people and engage with an additional 2,000 farmers as out-growers” Poul David proudly announces “and the expected impact will therefore be directly improving the lives of 20,000 people (families included).”

Live Love Well produces the cleanest and highest nutritional value 100 % Organic Premium Moringa, proven by accredited laboratories in Europe. “All our Moringa is handpicked and processed within hours of harvesting”, says Stephen Mwanza the Chief Farm Manager. Stephen Mwanza was born in Shimba Hills with a vision to transform the agricultural sector, “This is owing to our own farms and the out-growers in Shimba Hills”. “Having our own farms means we internally nurture and monitor our quality in order to ensure a constant supply of world class Moringa”.

Stephen Mwanza have been growing organically permaculture agriculture in Shimba Hills for 20 years since completing his diploma and is passionate about the prospects of Moringa.

“We grow on the best soils on virgin land, we grow our Moringa in deep rich loam soils which are high in organic matter. Combined with the ideal hot and humid climate, we have the perfect environment for growing probably the world’s best premium quality Moringa” Stephen Mwanza laughs.


“All our products are 100% Organic Premium Moringa”, says Talitha Hogebrug. In order to comply with International standards Live Love Well works closely together with accredited laboratories in Germany and the USA, to ensure that Moringa is produced in the best quality.

Talitha Hogebrug has more than 20 years of experience in the health sector in Africa and is happy to supply a natural supplement which makes it possible for people to avoid medicine by providing a health boosting organic preventive alternative. “My mission is still to provide health care to the least fortunate in Africa, and now we can achieve this by supplying an organic natural supplement which people can grow themselves in their own garden”.  “It makes me happy and proud to be part of this venture”.

Only the purest and finest grade Moringa, clear of stems, pass through Live Love Well’s Quality Control. The drying is done with industrialized drying machine, temperature controlled with proper packaging conserving all nutrients while transporting.

Live Love Well currently grow Moringa on 100 acres with a population of more than 1 million Moringa Trees on proprietary farms and out grower farms, all 100% organically certified by Ecocert. Live Love Well has an additional 600 acres of land available for growth, bringing the total expected planted area to 700 acres in 2019. The long-term vision is to grow 30 million trees on 2.000 acres of our own land and 2.000 acres with out-growers.

Live Love Well expects to become the largest supplier of organically grown Moringa products globally. “Live Love Well have an opportunity to become a leading beacon for successful, sustainable agribusiness on the African continent”, Poul David proudly elaborates, “and we will achieve this by investing in people and planet”. “Creating jobs and income opportunities is not only a personally fulfilling mission, it is also a profitable and sustainable business model”.

“We believe that the love for each other, the planet and the people will make Live Love Well and our clients healthier and happier’, Talitha Hogebrug smiles.