Our Proprietary farms and Outgrowers

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Today Live Love Well grows Moringa on 100 acres on proprietary farms and out grower farms and are all 100% organically certified by Ecocert.

Live Love Well has an additional 300 acres of organically certified land available for growth, bringing the total expected planted area to 400 acres in 2019.

Our farms are surrounded by indigenous flora and fauna. There is no pollution from towns, cities or other sources which can affect the quality of our Moringa. No chemicals and no genetically modified ingredients are used in process. For our compost, we get elephant dung from wildlife parks in Kenya. All our products are in harmony with nature, remaining true to their raw, green, pure and wild nature.

Live Love Well have a vision to eradicate poverty by creating income opportunities and jobs. We want to see the communities surrounding our farms grow Moringa, for personal consumption and becoming our outgrowers. In line with our vision Live Love Well will employ 2,000 people and engage with additional 2,000 farmers as outgrowers. The expected impact will therefore be directly improving the lives of 20,000 people (families included).

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Driven by Sustainability

We are passionate about life and our mission – “to eradicate poverty and heal the world”. This is achieved by building profitable businesses with efficient supply chains which are exporting organic value-added agricultural products from Africa to the global consumers. We believe these are crucial elements in creating a sustainable future:

To work with sustainable out grower schemes, empowering the farmers community, conserving environment while promoting organic agriculture. While we pursue our mission, we inspire to spread happiness for everybody around us every day.


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