Building sustainable business

LLW TEAMLive Love Well is a community of business entrepreneurs who are passionate about life and our mission – “to eradicate poverty and heal the world”. This is achieved by building profitable businesses with efficient supply chains which are exporting organic value added agricultural products from Africa to the global consumers. We believe these are crucial elements in creating a sustainable future. While we pursue our mission, we inspire to spread happiness for everybody around us every day.

Superfoods such as Moringa offers a sustainable solution for millions of farmers in resource poor settings providing primary or secondary income.  Planting superfoods in rural areas can improve soil fertility and reverse deforestation.

Baobab is a wild grown fruit and is collected by women groups and transported to our processing facilities. Collecting Baobab creates an income opportunity for people without own land or other sources of income.

Live Love Well utilizes existing producer organizations and out-growers to create a stable income for farmers in rural areas of Kenya. The team behind Live Love Well have more than 25 years of experience with working with producer organizations in African and Central America.

Through Live Love Well’s out-grower program we are in contact with more than 2.000 small hold producers who through growing superfoods have the potential to double their income.plant growing

Eradicate poverty – by business 

  • Creating jobs where it is most needed is the best way to fight poverty and ensure a stable income for the growing population
  • We offer business consultancy specializing in entrepreneurship, business development, supply chain development and food manufacturing
    • Establishing businesses and helping business owners to maximize their potential
    • Utilizing out growers, small hold farmers and producer organizations 
    • Creating market access in order to secure efficient supply chains

Heal the world – by superfoods

  • Enter super foods: Superfoods offer the perfect natural way to take vitamins and minerals, high in antioxidants and rich in proteins which are necessary for your health.
  • Live Love Well supplies branded superfoods as consumer products or in bulk
    • Baobab: Powder and Oil
    • Moringa Oleifera: Powder and Oil
    • Prunus Africana: Capsules and tea

Spread happiness

  • Joy of doing business with people
  • Invest in community
  • People employed in empowering positions
  • – And enjoying good food and wine with friends




Moringa in the sun