The power of nature | Best organic farming methods

At Live Love Well we believe in the power of nature, which means our clients only get the best certified organic ingredients:

Our Moringa is grown using the finest and cleanest organic farming methods, without the use of pesticides, herbicides or biocides. Plants grown without the use of these chemicals are healthier, more potent, and their nutrients (and no toxic chemicals) are absorbed more efficiently by the body.

Today Live Love Well grows Moringa on 100 acres of own proprietary farms and on 200 other family farms and are all 100% organically certified by Ecocert. Live Love Well has an additional 300 acres of organically certified land available for growth, bringing the total expected planted area to 400 acres in 2020.

Our farms are surrounded by indigenous flora and fauna. There is no pollution from towns, cities or other sources which can affect the quality of our Moringa.

No chemicals and no genetically modified ingredients are used in process. For our compost, we get elephant dung from wildlife parks in Kenya.

All our products are in harmony with nature, remaining true to their raw, green and pure nature.

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