Regenerative Agriculture| Harvests That Help the Planet

We believe that regenerative organic farming is the key to growing healthy and nutritious food for everybody, now and for future generations.

We therefore pay attention to our land use and how our farming systems such as regenerative agriculture could improve soil health and help fight climate change.  

Our regenerative organic practices go beyond our organic certification. Only if we protect our soils, will we be able to grow enough nutritious food to feed everybody on our planet.

Yes, it is possible to produce food for everybody, work on our farms and with our other contracted family farmers, enhancing the environment and all at the same time.

This is how our land should be taken care of and how our food should be grown.

We f.e. use organic matter like manure or compost, shifting cultivation to favor crops that contribute more of their carbon to the soil, or using cover crops.  

We are committed to adopt regenerative practices

and protect the health of our soils,

both for our own farms and for our other family farmers

Improving agriculture, improving lives.