Bulk – wholesale

We are crazy for superfoods and for Moringa Oleifera! And we are happy you want to join our mission to make the change to a healthier lifestyle fun and easy.

Yes, you can order bulk from us: Our full pallet size for 100% Organic Moringa powder is 714 kg. We also do drop shipments to the USA and to Europe.

All our products, both Moringa powder and Moringa tea leaves, are packed in vacuum packed bags. We use vacuum-sealed food grade bags which are lightly structured, super strong and tear resistant, food grade the best – quality ‘Made in Switzerland’, suitable for storage in cooling and freezing, food-safe, tasteless and odorless. Each food grade bag is then placed in a box (‘bag in a box’) to prevent damage during shipping. Lastly, we properly palletize and shrink wrap the pallet to keep the products intact during shipping.


Our service:

We offer our 100% Organic Moringa products from pallet size quantities of 714 kg to competitive partnership deals in the USA, Europe and Africa. We supply wholesaler, brand owners and food ingredient manufacturers. Yes, we are passionate to make it our business to meet your needs and specifications.

Please send me an email to info@livelovewell.org or tho@livelovewell.org, attn of Talitha Hogebrug and I will get back to you shortly!

Let’s make Moringa famous together. Looking forward hearing from you!

Talitha Hogebrug, Founder

tho@livelovewell.org|  +254 701 228197