About us

Live Love Well was established in Kenya in 2017 by Talitha Hogebrug and Poul David Videbaek with a mission to ignite and accelerate sustainable business in Africa. We are both passionate about the vision to eradicate poverty and heal the planet and we have more than 25 year collective experience in Africa and 45 years of business development and entrepreneurship.

Talitha, born in the Netherlands has over 20 years’ experience as entrepreneur and commercial manager in the field of New Business Development & Strategic Partnerships in Africa & Asia. Talitha holds a Master of Science International Strategic Marketing Management and a Master of Business Administration in Executive African Leadership & International Business Development from Copenhagen Business School/ Mount Kenya University in Nairobi.

Poul David, born in Denmark, has over 25 years experience as entrepreneur and business manager in technology and FMCG in Africa, Latin America, Europe and Oceania.  Poul David holds a Master of Business Administration in Global Electronic Management from Copenhagen Business School, Erasmus University in Rotterdam, Koln University of Economics and Egade Business School in Monterrey in Mexico.

Dominic Gasperraj, born in India, joined the Live Love Well team in January 2018. Dominic has over 30 years of managerial experience in the field of Food & Beverage, Life Science and FMCG companies, including edible oils, ice cream, frozen desserts, pharmaceuticals, low calorie products and edible nuts. Dominic is our Live Love Well Guru in Food Manufacturing and edible oil processing. Dominic has extensive experience with implementing and auditing regulatory standards (GMP, HACCP, LEAN Kaizen and ISO) as well as Supply Chain management. Dominic holds 2 Master degrees, a MBA from the Bharathidasan University, Chennai and a Master of Science in Chemistry from the Madras University in India.

Troy Scott Holmberg, born in USA, joined the Live Love Well team in March 2018. Troy has over 20 years of experience in social entrepreneurship, using business innovations to improve the world and solve poverty with key competences to incubate and start-up multiple social enterprises in Kenya including Yehu Microfinance, Coast Coconut Farms, Amani Village, Basa Body and Asante Tree Farms and market access in the US for skincare and organic products from East Africa. Troy graduated with distinction from the Johnson School of Management at Cornell University with a MBA focused on international entrepreneurship. 

Stephen Mwanza, born in Kenya, joined our Live Love Well Team in April. Stephen is a certified expert in organic Moringa farming and the East Africa leader in this field. Stephen has more than 30 years’ experience in Organic Horticulture and an advanced diploma in Permaculture. Stephen’s passion is caring for mother earth and its people. Permaculture is an innovative framework for creating sustainable ways of living; making agriculture more sustainable, restore soil, conserve water, and redirect waste streams. ‘The primary ethics of Permaculture include earth care, people care, and resource share’ and that is exactly what Stephen stands for.

Dr. Dennis Maina is an accomplished Horticulturist, Applied Nano technologist and holds a Doctorate degree in Horticulture. Dr. Dennis Maina is born in Kenya, and joined Live Love Well as Compliance Officer in April 2018 with a responsibility for optimizing organic resources for sustainable and quality superfoods production (Moringa Oleifera and Baobab). Dr Dennis is passionate about solving agricultural challenges to increase food quality and quantity with maximum environmental care.

Jacob van der Wiel, born in the Netherlands, brings a wealth in knowledge and experience in management, accounting and finance. ​Jacob holds a MBA from Erasmus University Rotterdam. He started his own IT trading and computer assembly companies in 1987. Having grown the group to a sales level of Euro 100 M he moved to Kenya in 2011, where he has done interim work as a CFO in industrial companies. Jacob is Managing Director of Centre for Business Support East Africa and a passionate entrepreneur and founder of various SME’s both in Europe and Africa.

Anthony Kisia Ndunda, born in Kenya joins our team per 1 May as Head of Engineering. Anthony’s passion is innovation combined with engineering in terms of installation, service & energy management. Anthony holds certificates and a diploma in Electric Engineering. His main objective is to create innovative technical sustainable solutions in Moringa processing adhering to global standards utilizing Lean manufacturing as part of our international standards.

James Katsinye, born in Kenya, joined Live Love Well’s team 1 May 2018 as Assistant Farm / Outgrower Manager. James holds a diploma in Agriculture from Pwani University College in Kilifi, Kenya. James connects with our out-growers on a daily basis in order to assist with knowledge about good agronomic practices, natural resource management and organic farming. James acts as a community information advisor, directly implementing the mission of changing the livelihood of small hold farmers in East Africa by creating income opportunities and better health.

Joseph Mutuku, born in Kenya, joined Live Love Well Ltd on 1st June, 2018. Joseph is an alumnus of Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology, where he earned his BSc in Food Processing Technology graduating with a First-Class Honors. Joseph, as Head of Laboratory plans, directs, and manages food quality assurance activities concerned with the application and maintenance of food safety standards for all processes from “farm to fork”. Joseph, ensures that all the food products produced are tested accurately as per ISO/IEC 17025:2005 standards and reach to a level above the industry levels which is one of Live Love Well’s highest objectives. Joseph’s passion is ensuring only the safest and highest quality Superfoods are produced. 

Our Specialities / Areas of interest

  • Business Entrepreneurship
  • Pharmaceutical, Life Science and FMCG Supply Chain Management in Africa & Asia
  • Commercial Management
  • Market Access Emerging markets
  • Cross Cultural Project Management
  • Strategic and Tactic Sales Management
  • Strategic business development
  • Business plan development and formulation
  • Business Management
  • Food manufacturing and Superfood Powder & Edible Oil processing
  • Implementing and auditing regulatory standards (GMP, HACCP, LEAN Kaizen and ISO)
  • Farm management, Horticulture, Permaculture, Organic farming.

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