Happy Earth Day!

It is time to reconnect, with ourselves, our loved ones and with nature. Let us honor Life, Mother Earth and focus on true connections.

Share your story with your family, colleagues and friends online, about a time where you were awed away by something beautiful in Nature. How did you feel connected to Nature, to our planet, to Life?

Today it is Earth Day, and to give it positive vibes we say, ‘Happy Earth Day’! Let’s consciously do our part to help the earth sustain life, now and for prosperity. Because our planet’s health is our health, and yes, they are interrelated and interdependent.

In the months to come we will launch our sustainability brand called ‘Farmer’s Soul’, online in Europe to begin with. Our aim is to ‘Honor Mother Earth’ every day, not just once a year. In line with our new brand we stand for the following:

Being truly connected to people, to ourselves, our planet,

our families, our community, our animals and friends,

to real food and to ultimately the wonders of life.

By falling in love with Life again,

By falling in love with Mother Earth again.

Farmer’s Soul is focused on healing ourselves and our Planet, by growing and distributing sustainable nutritious products that radically benefits your and the planet’s health. We firmly believe you can enrich your life with plant-based products for well-being, happiness and feeling well balanced.

And yes, everybody can benefit from a little Moringa in their lives. Moringa is a powerful and easy way to thriving health, for you and your family.

We will keep you posted! Follow us on Instagram on https://www.instagram.com/livelovewellkenya/

Wishing you all thriving health and happy Earth Day! Let us know how you celebrate Earth day!

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